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We guarantee our clients optimal and comprehensive solutions „under the same roof“. Our team is composed of approx. 50 employees, mostly of tax consultants, auditors, lawyers, articled clerks, financial analysts, personnel consultants and other experts. Many of our professionals first worked in the competitive corporate environment of the Czech market. Now they can use their expert knowledge and long-term practical experience for our clients‘ profit.
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partner and co-founder of group NSG Morison

Partner and co-founder of NSG Morison.  After graduating from the Faculty of Law at Charles University, Martin worked in the tax and legal department of Ernst & Young until 1993. In the same year, he set up NSG Morison Advisory s.r.o.  He specializes in providing legal advice, particularly for foreign clients. He is also responsible for the general coordination of all NSG Morison divisions. Martin is a qualified attorney at law, registered on the List of Attorneys kept by both the Czech and the Slovak Bar Association.


partner and associate of group NSG Morison

Partner of NSG Morison responsible for the day-to-day activities of the legal department and development of the firm‘s legal services. He specializes in commercial law and deals with administrative and civil law cases as well. Martin graduated from the Faculty of Law of Charles University, and was later appointed as a judge of the former Prague Regional Commercial Court. He has been a member of our team since 1996. He is a Czech qualified attorney at law, registered on the List of Attorneys kept by the Czech Bar Association.


partner of group NSG Morison

Lucie has been with NSG Morison since 1994, practically from the beginning. In December of 2000 Lucie was appointed a Partner of the Nominee Services division. Due to her long-term experience and the knowledge of internal corporate culture she is responsible for personnel management, NSG Morison‘s administration and for HR development. The combination of her work for clients and her knowledge of personnel management matters has led to preparing a project on providing HR services to clients. For this reason, Lucie was also appointed a Partner of the new HR Services division in 2008.


partner of NSG Morison znalecký ústav s.r.o.

Richard works for NSG Morison since 2001 and from the beginning he participates on the establishing of the evaluation department. He graduated on VŠE in Prague and has a huge range of experience with managing projects of evaluation in  well-known companies. In 2013 was Richard appointed a Partner of evaluation department.


partner of tax, accounting and payroll department, NSG Morison Outsourcing a.s.

Marek is a Tax Partner since 2020 responsible as well for accounting and payroll teams. In addition to tax issues, he is responsible also for a foreign Germany helpdesk operating in the Czech Republic. He has more than 20 years experiences of consulting. After graduation from university of economics  he worked as Senior Tax Advisory at KPMG and has been a tax partner of AJP Tax& Accounting s.r.o.also


partner of NSG Morison advokátní kancelář s.r.o.

Jan is a Partner at NSG Morison Legal department since September 2020.  His clients include, real estate investors and developers, technology companies, retail chains, producers and distributers in numerous industry fields,as well as other domestic and foreign entrepreneurs. Jan is an attorney-at-law and a member of the Czech Bar Association. Prior to joining NSG Morison in 2013, Jan had worked for a leading Czech law firm as well as for international law firms based in Prague. He graduated from the Law Faculty of Masaryk University in Brno.
Contacts for all empleyees: name.surname@nsgmorison.cz
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