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human resources

We are able to help our clients – thanks to our overall understanding of business – with human resources. This individual approach, requiring discretion, always reflects the company’s corporate culture and strategy and the current market situation.
Our specialization...
We provide advice in these areas of human resources
  • The configuration and implementation of partial or comprehensive human resources management processes within a single functional system
  • Personnel auditing
  • Outplacement 
  • How to maintain a good image even during layoffs
  •  Assistance for former employees in their search for new jobs
  • Configuration of the organisation and management of human resources
  • Performance management
  •  Incentives and rewards
  • Management of professional development and the development of soft skills
  • Preparation of tenders
  • Adaptation of new employees 
  • Collaboration on grant projects
  • Projects focusing on training, and on the development of human resources and employee management systems
  • Preparation of applications for training grants and subsequent administration or the entire management of the grant project
Tailored consulting for individuals
Contact us...
Lucie Mužíková
T: + 420 224 800 930
Ludmila Johanovská
HR consultant 
mob.: + 420 731 663 587
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