Nominee Services

nominee services

The principle of Nominee Services is to provide a company with a registered office and other additional services.
You do business, we provide backcloth.
We offer a well – run, user – friendly and efficient administrative backdrop for Czech and foreign entities to do business in the Czech Republic. 
Individuals nominated to the governing or supervisory bodies are always qualified, vetted and, naturally, respectable, with long – standing experience in the provision of Nominee Services.
Nominees act only in accordance with the written instuctions given by a representative ( usually a partner ) of the company for which they are acting as nominees. 
Nominee Services are particularly useful if you do not have a sufficient number of competent individuals to hold positions in governing and supervisory bodies, if you protect your privacy, or if you live abroad. 
Nominee services include the following activities:
The provision of an address for the company´s registered office
The necessary administrative support 
The provision of an address for as the long-term residence of a business person
The provision of an individual to act managing director, branch manager and member of the board
Administration of data boxes via a Nominee installed in the company´s governing body, or in other cases via an “administrator”
Lucie Mužíková 
Partner of Group NSG Morison
T: + 420 224 800 930

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