Taxes are part and parcel of any business. There is no avoiding them. We can make preparations at your company so that you don’t have to worry about taxes. We specialise in all aspects of tax advice, both for corporate and personal tax. 
  • Income tax • Compilation of individual and corporate tax returns • Privision of expert tax opinions • Comprehensive solutions for tax planning and tax optimisation ( national and international) • Application tax case-law • Application of EU directives and double taxation agreements
  • Assistance in solving tax disputes • Tax risk management
  • Tax matters related to mergers and acquisitions
  • Property tax • Property transfer tax, gift tax • Tax registration • Tax return preparation
  • Withholding tax • Application of double taxation agreements and EU directives
  • Road tax • Preparation of tax returns
  • Due diligence • Tax – risk assessment
  • Tax optimisation • Planning and restructuring
  • Tax audit support 
Value added tax (VAT)
Our expert advisory services in the field of VAT include:
·         advice on VAT registration and administration
·         preparation of VAT returns and record-keeping
·         preparation of related statements, such as check statements and recapitulative statements 
·         processing of VAT returns 
·         representation of foreign entities in the refund of Czech VAT
·         representation of Czech companies that can apply for VAT refunds from abroad
·         examination of documents to secure maximum VAT refunds
·         preparation of projects to achieve the greatest possible VAT-related savings
·         cash flow planning
·         correct application of VAT exemptions
·         analysis of accounting data to identify potential risks or errors or opportunities to save on VAT
·         VAT management in supply chains
·         e-invoicing and e-archiving
·         advice on VAT-related accounting software
·         analysis of VAT on imports and acquisitions of goods from other EU member states representation of companies in tax audits and communication with the tax office
·         verification of suppliers in terms of whether they have a valid VAT number, are registered as an “unreliable payer”, or have published their bank account numbers for VAT purposes
·         customs duty, excise duty, environmental tax 
·         checks on the correctness of VAT applied in the client’s transactions
·         provision of various VAT advisory services and assessment of individual business alternatives that can be applied, where appropriate with recommendations regarding their potential tax implications at home and abroad
·         registration and deregistration for value added tax in other countries
·         Intrastat processing and Intrastat registration or deregistration
TRANSFER PRICES are prices negotiated in related-party transactions.
Transfer prices should be set at the usual rate, i.e. at the same amount as would be agreed between independent entities (the arm’s-length principle).
Compliance with the arm’s-length principle is checked by tax offices during tax audits. The most common transactions targeted by tax offices and that we can assist you with in tax audits are:
Transactions with intangible assets
·         Valuation of licences and royalties
·         Sharing of the cost of a logo used by a group of businesses
·         Sharing of the cost of research and development by a group of businesses
Transactions with tangible assets
·         Sales of finished products, unfinished products or goods between related parties
·         Sale of assets
·         Procurement of materials in a group of businesses, sales of raw materials
·         Provision of additional intragroup services (such as PR, marketing, HR services, and also accounting or taxes)
·         Provision of managerial services or loans or guarantees between related parties
·         etc.
Our expert advisory services in the field of transfer pricing include:
Transfer pricing planning and documentation
Supply chain optimisation
Dispute resolution or prevention: determination of a preliminary pricing agreement 

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