Accounting and payroll

Accounting, payroll

We provide comprehensive external accounting and payroll services of professional standard in accordance with Czech law.
The certainty that your accounts are in order.
  • Comprehensive bookkeeping 
  • Configuration of accounting processes and standards in line with the client’s needs and requirements
  • Reconstruction of accounting records
  • Processing of accounts in accordance with applicable legislation
  • Processing of documents prior to book-entry
  • Issuance of invoices in line with the client’s needs and requirements
  • Data input into the information system
  • Keeping of analytical records, stock records and ledgers
  • Travel expenses
  • Preparation of financial statements or reporting – monthly, quarterly, annually
  • Processing of final accounts, compilation and submission of statistical reports in accordance with the Czech Statistical Office’s requirements
  • Processing of reports in line with the client’s needs and requirements
  • Processing of VAT-related agenda
  • Preparation of documents for VAT and the compilation of VAT returns
  • Preparation of statements 
  • Recapitulative statements
  • Accounting advice
  •  Preparation of budgets
  • Business position analyses and financial analyses
  • Advice on addressing ad hoc problems 
  • Advice on negotiations with financial and other bodies of state administration
Wage processing and distribution
  • Monthly wage calculation
  • Calculation of wage compensation for temporary incapacity
  • Preparation of monthly payroll statements sent to social security institutions and health insurance companies
  • Preparation of orders to pay employees’ wages and related contributions and deductions
Registration or deregistration of a company with the social security authority, health insurance companies and other institutions
Administration related to the establishment, course and termination of staff employment
  •  Registration and deregistration of employees at individual authorities
  • Preparation of pension insurance statements
  • Performance of tasks in relation to labour offices
  • Registration of foreign nationals for residence in the Czech Republic
Annual employee income tax settlement and preparation of other mandatory payroll statements
Keeping of employee records
    • Personal data and data relevant to wage, salary and social entitlements and benefits 
    • Creation of internal payroll and human resources directives 
    •  Advice on employment or the assigning of workers abroad, recruitment of staff from abroad
Marek Maule
Partner of accounting and payroll department NSG Morison outsourcing s.r.o.
T: + 420 224 800 930
M: +420 737 431 802
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