we are nsg morison. we are an advisory rudder for all types of firms and individuals.

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Comprehensiveness of Advisory Services


We offer an integrated range of services, from tax service, accounting and payroll processing, auditing, legal service to corporate valuations, company sales or inter-generational transfer. We are able to offer advice at every business and personal level.

The power of audit will check your company’s health and strengthen your trustworthiness for others.

There’s no escape from paying taxes.
However, we can get your company ready, so that you are not worried about taxation.

Trust, precision, knowledge and speed of legal steps.

We are certainty at a difficult time for business

We help companies operate with certainty in the more-and-more complicated environment of today’s business world. We are independent, fair, discrete, free of large bureaucracy and very familiar with Czech conditions.

A relay is always about how people work together.
A company is the same.

There have to be firm rules for the crew on a ship and in a company. We have been developing Czech family firms across generations for over 28 years.

 There are values that can not be measured or valued. We are here for the rest.

We care about your success

We show our clients that limits and borders do not exist in business. We are helped in this by our membership in the Morison Global international association, thanks to which doors are open for our clients around the world.

NSG MORISON is a team comprised of several companies that, thanks to the large range of professions and great experience, operates as a COMPREHENSIVE ADVISORY SERVICE with a comprehensive range of services from tax advice, accounting and payroll processing, auditing, law to corporate valuations.  Among our clients are both large corporations and medium-sized and family firms, as well as many individual clients who need personal advice.

We have been successfully active on the Czech market since 1993 and on the Slovak market since 2004.


The unique nature of NSG MORISON consists not only of the comprehensiveness of its services under one roof but also of a combination of membership and strong backing of the Morison Global international association of independent advisory companies, which guarantees help for our clients around the world.

The members of our team, which comprises specialist tax advisors, economists, and lawyers, work closely with each other when carrying out all types of business and financial transactions.

We also co-operate on selected projects with other advisory companies and leading law firms or banks.

Values and visions

We recognize values such as fair play, responsibility and a sense of teamwork. Hard work and a quarter-century of professional experience bring us results in the form of a lot of companies that have been with us since they started doing business. Our aim is to retain a personal approach to every client and exceed their expectations when providing professional assistance.

Martin Novotný,  NSG MORISON founder and partner

News ( cz version )

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Our clients’ words

“ We contacted NSG MORISON about the drafting of a valuation for part of the enterprise for legal restructuring of an acquisition into the company’s existing structure. We were happy with their approach and their work on the valuation. The work was done by NSG MORISON to a high professional and communication standard. If we need, we will certainly contact NSG MORISON again.”

Ing. Libor Stuchlík

Manager, Shared Service Centre DSV Road a.s., and Chief Financial Officer of DSV for the Czech Republic, Slovakia and Hungary

“ What I liked about working with NSG MORISON’S professionals was their ability to explain the issue of asset valuation so that we had a good understanding of the expert opinion on the valuation and the determination of the value of the share in the company. In addition, we obtained information about our engineering company’s position in the competitive environment, not only in the Czech, but also in the European economy. Thank you for fast and professional work.”

Ing. Růžena Cholastová

Executive Officer, ACERA CZ, spol. s r.o.

“ My passion for gastronomy, something original is precisely what I am now doing in my new restaurant, U Matěje. I have the good fortune that I am surrounded by people I can rely on concerning other operational matters. One of them is NSG MORISON, which helps me with the accounts, meaning I can concentrate fully on what I enjoy the most, which is innovating good food for guests”.ne of them is NSG MORISON, which helps with the accounts, meaning I can concentrate fully on what I enjoy the most, which is innovating good food for guests.”

Jan Punčochář

Owner of restaurant U Matěje