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the power of audit

An audit gives companies an opportunity to discover unused potential and also obtain greater trustworthiness on the market. Audits have their specifics, depending on the company’s field of business, so we make use of synergies with our tax advisors, experts and IT specialists. Thanks to a comprehensive approach, NSG MORISON´s audits bring maximum benefit not only to the audited company, but also to its business partners or shareholders.

our service

Statutory audits

Statutory audits, i.e. of annual, extraordinary, consolidated and interim financial statements

Reviews of the internal accounting system and verification of routine, non-routine and estimated processes

Testing of controls and factual correctness of account balances

Auditor involvement in physical stocktaking

Review of financial statements

Analysis of financial situation and market position

Audit of financial statements

Auditing of financial statements based on IAS ( IFRS, US GAAP, etc.)

Limited audits, special purpose audits, accounting estimate audits

Audit of selected sections of accounts, parts or items of financial statements

Aggregated financial statements, accounting estimates audits


Internal audits

Internal audits and process audits

Identification and mitigation of organizational risks

Verification of the internal control system settings

Testing of controls, review of original documents and internal accounting directives

Consulting services during company transformations

Audits of opening balance sheets

Consulting services for preparation of annual reports

Due Diligence

The power of audit will verify your company’s health and strengthen your trustworthiness for others.