family business


Martin Novotný

NSG MORISON founder and partner
tel:     + 420 224 800 930

There have to be firm rules for the crew on a ship and in a company

Although family businesses have much in common, each family company and each family is different. Every member of the family should have a role to play. We have been helping medium-sized and large Czech family firms across generations for over 29 years.

our services

We give order to family businesses

We can look at your company from the outside and offer a different point of view

We will help you assess the current state of your family firm, in particular we will find weaknesses and propose the best possible scenarios for your firm’s future

We will draft a family constitution, anchor all corporate and family rules and propose an inheritance plan

We can  be an independent member of your family council

Establishment and management of trust funds—legal and tax advice

Drafting of a will, pre-nuptial and other agreements, individual agreements with family members

Tax advice on all transactions involving family firms or members of the family


The plan to pass the business on to the next generation can benefit family relationships.
Not only in the future but now.