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Marek Maule

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There is no escape from paying taxes

NSG MORISON has comprehensive experience identifying and anticipating parts of concern and opportunity in your business environment. The NSG MORISON  tax advisors will ensure that you have all business and personal matters in order and in accordance with the applicable tax regulations without fear or worry. We will advise you on how best to effectively plan your business for tax purposes, or set up a personal tax return. 

our services


Preparation and revision of tax returns for all types of taxes

Preparation of tax opinions and analyses

Consultancy in international taxation

Communication and representation of clients before tax authorities (also in case of tax audits)

Assistance in resolving tax disputes, tax risk management

Tax Due Diligence and services related to the purchase and sale of a company

Tax matters related to mergers and acquisitions

Real estate consulting

Providing of updated tax news to our clients

Ad-hoc and high-quality help with everyday tax issues for the client


Comprehensive bookkeeping in accordance with Czech regulations

Preparation of financial statements, incl. consolidated

Accounting consultancy

Financial Due Diligence

Electronic archiving and data security


Preparation of periodical reports according to client requirements

Processing of statistical reports for the CNB, CZSO

Reporting in accordance with International Financial Reporting Standards (IFRS)


Extensive payroll processing and personnel and payroll management
Preparation of employment contracts and related employment law documentation

Preparation of individual tax returns, annual tax reconciliations, etc.

Assistance and communication with individual employees

Representation before health insurance authority and social security administration

Drafting and processing of specific applications for grant programs (e.g.Antivirus)

Preparation of applications for A1 forms


Put an end to your tax concerns. We help companies operate with certainty in the more – and – more complicated environment of today’s business world.