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are values that can not be measured
we are here to evaluate the rest

We are a renowned Experts´Office represented by team of experts and specialists who have been operating on the Czech market for a long time and who are providing complex expert services in the economic sphere. Over the past years, we have become respected partners of private individuals as well as state and public institutions. Our clients are corporations that are among the TOP 100 best companies in the Czech Republic as well as family companies. We cooperate with partners from the business background such as major law firms, investment companies, consulting firms and financial institutions.

Our services

Experts' opinions

Valuation of Assets for the purpose of Company Transformations – Mergers, Splitting, Transformations of Company’s Legal Form

Valuation of Non-Pecuniary Contributions – Plants, Real-Estate, Movables, Receivables/Debts

Transfers of Assets Among Related Parties

Valuation of Shareholdings for the Purpose of Settlements Among Members

Valuation of Shares for Squeeze-Out Purposes, quantification of Lost Profits



Valuation of Insolvency Estate – Insolvency

Valuation of Property of Collective Investment Funds

Assessment of Financial Assistance Conditions

Experts’ Opinions for Litigation Purposes, re-examining Experts’ Opinions

Economic expert reports / Professional opinions

Indicative Valuation of Corporations/Property

Financial and Economic Due Diligence

Participations in M&A Transactions

Financial Analyses

The NSG MORISON Expert Office is a strong player on the Czech market.